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A Balanced Approach Therapy Centre

Meet the people dedicated to your well-being

Although we appear under one umbrella, all of our therapists are self employed.  For your convenience, we "appear"  under one umbrella to better serve you our trusted clients.  We all thank you for your continual support.  Below you will find our individual therapists that rent space under the " A Balanced Approach Therapy Centre"  umbrella.  Enjoy your journey with us.

Pricilles D. Pierce
Owner and Registered Massage Therapist
 ♦ Massage Therapy

Welcome to A Balanced Approach! I started this venture in 2003 and I am so proud of each and everyone who works here.  We all strive to do our best and to offer the wonderful city of Regina the care needed for a healthier you.  I have studied a wide range of modalities and pull from my knowledge in all of these areas to give you a more complete treatment and a unique experience, while assisting the body in the healing process.  We do a lot of networking here in our Centre, so if you aren't satisfied with one therapist, we encourage you to try another.  We all have different styles and we acknowledge that, and we want you to find the perfect fit with someone here.  We are confident that there is someone here who will assist you in your journey.  You won't be disappointed.  I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I wish you an exciting journey to a healthier you. 


Oleg Medvedenko
Registered Massage Therapist

Direct Billing available upon request

Therapeutic massage ♦ Sports Massage ♦ Deep Tissue ♦  Neuromuscular Therapy ♦ TMJ treatments ♦ Head Massage

With over 17 years of experience as a massage therapist,  my goal is to assist you in achieving your well being, whether it is an injury, stress and tension or regular maintenance of your body.  I graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health in Miami in 1996, and since then have been licensed in the State of Florida. For over 8 years I practiced different modalities of massage therapy in Miami. After that, I worked as a Massage Therapist in the Ukraine for several years, and in 2015 I moved to Regina and establish my practice here as a Registered Massage Therapist.    I’m  experienced in Sports Massage, Deep tissue, Neuromuscular therapy, TMJ treatment, Head Massage and implement different techniques in a Swedish therapeutic massage.

Follow me on my business Facebook page for latest news, new schedule, canceled appointments.

Looking forward to meeting you soon at A Balanced Approach


Lindsay Cottin
Shiatsu Therapist
Shiatsu Therapy  ♦  Moxabustion  ♦  Tuina  ♦  Energy Worker

Lindsay Cottin achieved her Shiatsu diploma from the Shiatsu School of Canada (now called the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy) in Toronto in 2014. She completed a 2 year 2200 hour professional program which included over 500 hours of  clinical practice, in depth theory and assessment of both Eastern and Western medicine studies.With training in Shiatsu, Tuina, Moxabustion, Cupping and Meditation, Lindsay provides treatments tailored to each individual's condition. Along with Eastern medicine approaches, Lindsay also has the ability to work holistically using energetic methods to connect with the spirits.‚ÄčBesides Shiatsu Therapy, Lindsay has also completed her Recreational Therapy diploma from the Saskatchewan Polytechnic school in Saskatoon in 2017.Lindsay has a genuine passion and care for each of her clients and looks forward to bringing their health back to a balanced and happy state.

********please ensure you check with your insurance provider if this type of treatment is covered




Jasmine DeWalt
Registered Massage Therapist
Direct Billing Available Upon Request
Therapeutic  ♦  Relaxation  ♦  Prenatal Massage  ♦  Deep Tissue
Jasmine DeWalt graduated from the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2017 and is a member in good standing with the Canadian Massage & Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association (CMMOTA).
Jasmine utilizes assessments along with Swedish based relaxation and therapeutic techniques to provide the best treatment possible for her clients.Jasmine’s overall goal is to help her clients relax, maintain health, heal from injury and to preserve or increase function. Stretches and exercises may be provided to help maintain the benefits of the massage and to prevent re-injury.

Heather Walter
Registered Massage Therapist
Therapeutic  ♦  Relaxation  ♦  Myofacial Release  ♦  Deep Tissue  ♦  Graston Technique  ♦  Cupping ♦ SGI Claims

Heather graduated from the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2016 and is in good standing with MTAS.
Heather is skilled at recognizing what techniques are required during each treatment. Whether that's Myofacial release, deep tissue, cupping etc. to best facilitate the client's issues.Heather customizes each treatment  according to what is the desired goal of that person at that time. She is attentive, compassionate and truly enjoys what she does.
She also does direct billing for RCMP


Madison Freimark

Registered Massage Therapist

Deep Tissue  ♦  Therapeutic  ♦  Relaxation

Madison is committed to helping people love and trust their own bodies in a safe, caring, and welcoming space. It’s important to her to create a relaxing and warm environment while accommodating patient needs to the best of her ability. With every client she sees, she strives to make the most out of her time with them.Madison graduated from the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy in Regina in 2021 and is working towards adding other modalities to her practice however her experience so far has allowed her to build her toolbox of techniques for relaxation and therapeutic massage.Madison offers direct billing and is willing to discuss options and arrangements for payment to ensure you have reasonable access to massage therapy



Angela Coku

Registered Massage Therapist

Therapeutic  ♦  Deep Tissue  ♦  Relaxation  ♦  Myofascial Release  ♦  TMJ  ♦  Osteo Articulation

Angela is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). She graduated at Prairie College in Regina and she is also a Manual Osteopath student practitioner. She is very passionate about her clients and constantly needs to figure out where dysfunction, injury, pain and other symptoms are coming from. She specializes in chronic pain relief, but she enjoys giving a nice relaxing massage when asked. Angela plays lots of volleyball and really cares to give those post-treatment exercises and self-care therapy that will work with you to achieve wellness.

She typically offers: therapeutic/ injury related massage, osteo articulation treatment, myofascial release, TMJ treatment, relaxing massage. 

Find more information about her treatments on Facebook and Instagram: @onclouds and book a treatment with her!


Nicole Boivin-Englund

Registered Massage Therapist

Therapeutic  ♦  Deep Tissue  ♦  Relaxation  ♦  Myofascial Release  ♦  Reflexology  ♦  Reiki

Nicole has been a RMT since 2014, graduating from the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies in Regina. With her interest in anatomy and her “soft hands”, massage was a natural calling and something that had always interested her. Nicole’s treatments are both deeply relaxing and therapeutic, working with your body to bring better alignment, vitality and a sense of well being. She has taken further courses in fascia assessment and release, Thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal massage), foot reflexology and has her Reiki Level II certification.



Amy Hamilton

Welcome to Spinal Flow with Amy! I believe your body is incredible, intelligent, and it has everything it needs to heal. My focus is to remove the layers of stress that have been stored in the body, and to unlock your body’s ability to heal. 

The Spinal Flow Technique is a gentle, non-invasive body therapy focusing on the 7 gateways of the spine and 33 access points to locate and decrease blockages caused by stress. Just as there is a state of equilibrium in the body- where healing, digestion and wellness happen- there is equally, or greater, a load of pressure and stress in our modern lives. The three types of stress experienced are physical (falls, postural strain, the birth process), chemical (food we eat, air we breathe), and emotional (childhood traumas, past events). While one incident will cause a simple blockage, many of us experience multiple stressors, overtime causing the blockage to develop layers. These layers are stored in the spine, leading to pain, disconnect, and dis-ease.

As I contact an access point, your body will recognize it as a gateway to ease, initiating the spinal wave. This wave softens, shifts, and releases spinal blockages. Ease floods the body, and it moves from a sympathetic (fight/flight/freeze) state to a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state. The outcome? Not only structural realignment, reduced pain, and release of stress and stored trauma, but also a profound sense of peace, connection, and ease. 

From 0-99, anyone can benefit from Spinal Flow, and I look forward to helping you on your journey to wellness. 

Then for pricing I have as follows:
Initial Appointment: $125 (special $99 for July)
Single session: $65
Package of 10: $550
Package of 20: $1050
Free 15 min reassessment after every 10 sessions. 
One child session will be complimentary (aged 7&under) with parent appointment


Kyla Will

Registered Massage Therapist  

  Therapeutic  ♦  Relaxation  ♦  Prenatal Massage  ♦  Deep Tissue Warm Stone  ♦ Paraffin Wax  ♦ Back Scrub  

Kyla Will graduated from the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy, Inc., in 2012.  She worked for a year in a spa, before venturing out and starting her own business.  Kyla Will Massage Therapy opened part time July 20th, 2013, and then full time on September 20th, 2013, and is everything Kyla had hoped it would be. With rising costs, she decided to join an existing business to continue this journey in a team Approach.

Treatment Approach:

Massage: Whether you want a therapeutic, deep tissue, or relaxation massage, Kyla uses pressure ranging from mild to deep, as per your specifications and comfort. Relax with a warm stone massage. 

Warm Stone Massage :Using a combination of stone placement, massaging with the stones, and massaging with her hands, Kyla can definately make you relax.  Escape the cold for a nice warm stone massage.The 90 minute warm stone massage includes a foot soak and a scrub.

90 min $155

60 min $115

Paraffin Wax: Relax with a paraffin wax massage.  For the 45 minute treatment, paraffin wax is applied to the hands, and is left on while Kyla massages your face, scalp, neck, arms, and hands.  The 60 minute massage is much the same, but includes paraffin wax on the feet and a foot massage.  On top of cosmetic benefits (softer, more elastic skin), paraffin wax has many health benefits, including easing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, muscle, tendon and ligament ailments, bursitis, eczema, tendonitis, sprains and pulled muscles.

45 min $90

60 Min $110

Kyla recognizes the importance that music holds in people's lives, so she has customized playlists built around your favourite genre of music in order to best suit your needs.  She looks for the muscle that is causing you pain, instead of just the muscle that is bothering you, and she adjusts her pressure as per your specifications, and to your comfort.

Kyla is dedicated to making your massage your massage, and wants you to feel as much at home as possible during your treatment.