A Balanced Approach Therapy Centre

Benefits of Chair Massage

We will come to your office.  We set up our chair in a quiet office, we offer 15-20 minute treatments.  We are able to do 8 hours of continuous treatments.  We use a variety of effective techniques which have been specifically developed for chair massages in order to promote the maximum relaxation experience within a very short duration of time. Chair massages provide the following key benefits:

They are:

•EFFECTIVE: It is an extremely effective type of massage targeting key tension areas: the back, the neck and shoulders, to promote relaxation and well-being. It is not a therapy, rehabilitation or medical treatment but its effect is very clear and immediate.

•SAFE: The massage is given over your clothing without using oils or lotions. It is typically done in the open/public area to ensure your sense of safety.

•CONVENIENT: We will come to your office so you won’t need to travel. All you need is 10 to 30 minutes, so you can fit it in during your coffee, lunch break, or in between meetings no matter how busy you are.

In addition, physical and psychological effects you may experience include:

•Increasing circulation
•Decreasing muscle tension and loosen up knots and tightness
•Reducing anxiety and stress levels
•Increasing concentration and alertness
•Revitalizing your energy
•Increasing morale, motivation, and sense of well being
•You will simply feel great!


Please call the office to book a mobile service or if you would prefer a chair massage please indicate this in the notes under the massage calendar.