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FSM Treatments:

*I suffer from chronic pain related to endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  For years I have been seeing doctor after doctor in the hopes of getting some sort of relief.  It wasn’t until I began going to A Balanced Approach that I began to experience an improvement in my symptoms.  The knowledge and expertise of Pricilles Pierce and the other members of her Practice has been instrumental in improving my quality of life.  Pricilles used Frequency Specific Micro current (FSM) on me and it was obvious it made a positive difference in reducing my pain and inflammation levels.  The FSM treatments along with other holistic treatments provided by Pricilles impacted not only my physical health but also my mental wellbeing.  Thank you does not seem adequate for all this clinic has done for me.  I would without hesitation recommend A Balanced Approach to anyone.



As it stands right now, things are going rather well for my knees.
After my 2 FSM/massage sessions with you, as I mentioned earlier in the week, the pain in both knees was virtually gone.
They still are, and will probably continue to be, tender.
With the strengthening exercises you showed me , I continue making improvement daily.
I do, realize that while the osteoarthritis knees will never go away, the pain is now much more manageable.
As of this writing I have played six rounds of golf (since your treatments) , and now play without braces on my knees.
I reiterate I cannot thank you enough for giving me a quality of life back that I took for granted before.
I would recommend your fsm/ massage treatment to any and/all that are seeking non medicinal help in managing osteo-arthritis knee pain.

* Hi Pricilles, my feet are doing great so far!   I'm keeping  up with taking my Gabapentin pills till I see my doctor who prescribed them.  So yes, the FMS treatments worked amazingly.  After 4 months of suffering dibilitating discomfort with Peripheral Neuropathy in both feet which kept me awake all night and negatively affected my ability to perform my work.  This condition was result of receiving treatments for a back injury incurred in a rear end motor vehicle accident.  After taking pills for nearly 4 months with no relief, two FMS treatments have taken away the constant pins & needles sensation as  well as the burning feeling.  Thank you so much!

~ Bill T.

* I really enjoyed the treatment you provided! And honestly have no negative feedback for you. Combining massage, FSM and body talk together helped alleviated all the symptoms I presented to you for about 4 days. After 4 days many symptom's that came back were much more mild in presentation then before my treatment. My lower back pain is completely gone and moving around or sitting is going good. I'm able to think more clearly and have a more calm approach to my daily tasks.
I have to admit I don't quit understand how your treatments work but they work! I appreciate the time you take to explain the process to me, what you are doing and how to connect the dots of my symptom's to my treatment I find that the explanations of why my body is feeling the way it is helps in the healing.
I would also like to thank you for your patience Pricilles, I have a fairly hectic schedule and wait until the symptoms are so bad before I seek treatment, you always have a mess of a person when I walk in, but you never complain or make me feel bad about it. I feel welcomed and cared for when I come to your place and you never make me feel like I deserve the rough shape I'm in because of my life choices or because I waited so long between our sessions.
I hope you will continue to use this practice on me in our future appointments and I will be seeing you soon.
Kind Regards
~ M. R.


* My name is Dylan, and a few years ago I injured my back and was left with chronic pain even after 6 months of physiotherapy. I've been forced to live with constant pain since, and almost nothing I tried helped the pain, including acupuncture, chiropractors, natural healers, spiritual healers etc.

I went into the FSM appointment expecting it to be as useless as everything else I had tried up to that point. During my first appointment I tried to keep an open mind. About half way through, I noticed the pain was less. Not drastic, but it was still lower than what it was when the treatment began.
As the treatment continued my pain slowly decreased step by step. It was never a huge change, but the pain was getting better. By the end of the first treatment, my pain had gone from a 9 down to a 5, and it stayed down for a few days. After my next appointment, my pain was down to a 3. A few days later the pain spiked slightly, back to a 6, but it never got higher than that which was a pleasant surprise.

After my 3rd appointment, the pain was down to a 2. And thus far it's been holding  steady. I'm very impressed by how effective FSM has been. I never would have guessed that such a light treatment would be able to help manage my pain this well. I would easily recommend this to anybody who is suffering from severe pain that doesn't change with other treatments. Very impressed.

~ Dylan M.


* Client, 39 yrs of age,  presented with acute lumbar herniated disc.  Pain being a 7 out of 10 ( 10 being maximum).  She injured her back at work as a LPN.  She has been off work, for 1 year unable to work as pain is a constant level of 7.  She tries to walk for about 20 minutes a day to maintain her strength, pain being constant at a 7.  She received a combination treatment of Frequency Specific Micro current  and Cranial Sacral.  After her 1 hour treatment, she reported that her  pain level was a  4, after running errands all day, by the time she drove home (1 hour) she was pain free.  She hasn’t been pain free since she herniated the disc.  Later that evening, however, the pain returned to a 7.  Little discouraged that it only lasted such a short period of time. The next morning her pain level had decreased to a 2.  She is able to walk for a 1 hour at a time pain remaining at a 2.  Attending her regular Physiotherapist appointment, therapist reported  that she maintain what she has been doing as her pelvis has remained in place and her movement has increased by 40% after receiving only one FSM treatment.  She has returned for her 2nd treatment 6 days  later  reporting that her pain is at a 2.  She seems very pleased with the progress.  She received FSM and a short head/neck massage.She has returned and has no pain for several days till her leg gave out and she fell.  She has come back for more FSM.  Although  there is pain after her fall, everything according to her physio and Dr.'s is in alignment.  She is convinced this has helped improve her range of motion and decrease her pain level.

 ~ T. D.

Testimonial  from a couple who ran the Queen City Marathon in September 2012 .  They were asked to try the FSM machine after they ran and give their feedback.  This is what they had to say.......

* We have completed several marathons and experienced many levels of muscle cramping, soreness, stiffness and joint tenderness which can sometimes last for days. Sleeping following a marathon can also be difficult; restless with tenderness in the legs and hips is common. Stretching, icing and resting is helpful but has never had the same results as Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  Approximately 3 hours after a marathon we used the FSM system with the frequency set at post exercise.  Following the treatment we both experienced  similar results. We immediately noticed that the soreness and stiffness in our legs, hips and back was very much improved and the post race nausea completely gone.  That night we had no problems sleeping, our joints were not tender and our legs felt relaxed and rested.  The next day we both felt great with no post marathon aches or pains.

             L & G Fox


Other Staff:


  • I came to A Balanced Approach about a year ago. To be honest I was skeptical because I had a previous bad experience with massage but was willing to give it another try.  I could tell very quickly that A Balanced Approach was different. As soon as you walk in the door you feel the warm, calming and beautiful atmosphere. The staff are very professional and caring and really listen to your needs and concerns.  I recently tried FSM for some back, hip and knee pain. Again I was sceptical but I trusted Pricilles to give it a try. After the 2nd treatment I am virtually pain free! I went for a walk last night and actually enjoyed it because my knee and hip didn't hurt!


             Very grateful!


  • The greatest place in the city for a massage! Pricilles is amazing and takes the time to listen to you in order to figure out what needs to be done. I go in feeling like I am 60 years old and come out feeling like a 34 year old again. Easy online booking for appointments and friendly staff makes the whole experience fantastic. Had the opportunity to take a look around and see what else A Balanced Approach had to offer, and it all looks amazing. Whether you are looking for relaxation or need to get the kinks worked out through some deep tissue massage therapy this is the place to go. I highly recommend it. I will be a life long client. More reviews to come once I try out everything this place has to offer.

             Sidithious, Regina, Sask.


  • I've been here a number of times and love it! No matter who you see, you will leave extremely satisfied with the treatment you receive. I highly recommend this place for your every need from therapeutic to relaxation massage, craniosacral, reflexology, and Reiki. I have been here 7 or 8 times over the past year and have nothing but good things to say. The online booking is amazing. The staff are very professional and yet the clinic offers a homey atmosphere. You will leave revitalized and refreshed!

            Chucky333, Regina, Sask.

  • Some of the therapists here have the best techniques for deep tissue massage, a MUST if you work out a lot! The new location on College Avenue is fantastic!! Highly recommend this place.

             Fit Freak, Regina, Sask.

  •  I am writing this letter to express my thank you . I was in Regina recently visiting my mom and have been having a bad back. She was very helpful and made me feel much better. I really appreciate the great service and was wanting to ensure someone was made aware of this. Thank you again.

             Trevor, Regina, Sask