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Thanks for being here!

I am Joelle, a holistic health and wellness coach who specializes in helping women overcome diet culture,

disordered eating, compulsive exercise, resistance to health and develop a loving, healthy relationship with

their bodies, movement and food while achieving their goals.

Health & Wellness Coaching:

With so much pressure and conditioning out in the world, most of us grow up detached from our body’s intelligence, eventually leading to adverse experiences later in life - health conditions, burnout, chronic fatigue, undesired weight loss or weight gain, disordered eating, a loss in confidence, chronic pain, to name a few.

Many of us eventually end up at a loss, believing our body is working against us or stuck in unhealthy patterns and can’t see a way out.

I was there, stuck in endless restrict & binge cycles, constantly trying to micromanage and control my body through excessive workouts, tracking everything I did and ate, seeking some version of perfect that I believed would make me feel happy or loved. 

But I the longer it went on, the worse I felt on the inside. I was unhealthy, chronically stressed, and felt completely disconnected from my body and what it actually needed. 

If you can relate, are feeling stuck and desire one or all of the following, coaching would be a great fit for you and I would love to support you:

  • You want to start taking better care of your body and improve your health and you want to do so without diets, quick fixes, or anything extreme - you are committed to long term change
  • You desire to break free from unhealthy cycles (e.g., restricting & binging, compulsive workouts & crashing, starting something new & being unable to stick with it, making progress & self-sabotaging, etc.)
  • You are ready to work towards a healthy body weight in a way that also honours your mental, emotional & spiritual health
  • You would like to learn how to develop a balanced relationship with food, exercise, rest & wellness practices
  • You desire a more intimate relationship with your body and it’s wisdom. You want to be able to understand what it needs and how it communicates with you
  • You are interested in learning the building blocks of nutrition and movement so that you are empowered to make the right choices for yourself
  • You want to feel love and acceptance for your body

During these sessions, we will work closely together for 5 or 10 weeks (timeline of your choosing) to set you up for success.

The goal of this experience is to equip you with the knowledge and tools for you to be on track towards health and wellness and for you to receive the necessary support when roadblocks and challenges come up along the way.

To inquire about coaching with me, please email me at wholebodycoaching@outlook.com

Other Services I Provide:

Clinical Hypnosis for Anxiety, Stress or Disordered Eating:

While there are many mystical ideas about what hypnosis is, it is actually a very common, naturally occurring state that we experience many times throughout the day. During a hypnosis session, I will help you learn how to direct this state in a meaningful and intentional way to create a valuable physical, mental, emotional or behavioural response.

Appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes but will run between 45-60 minutes depending on the context of the session.

Some reasons you might come for a hypnosis session are:

  • Relief from symptoms of anxiety, stress, disordered eating or an unhealthy relationship with your body
  • Personal empowerment and to get to know yourself better (identifying core values, direction in life, natural strengths, self-acceptance, etc.)
  • Help breaking out of non-serving patterns and discovering new perspectives

Please email me at wholebodycoaching@outlook.com with questions.

Massage Therapy

An integrative approach to massage therapy, these sessions focus on bringing ease and balance to the body and mind, I combine therapeutic techniques, deep tissue work and relaxation into treatments depending on each person’s condition and preference.

Some reasons you might come for a massage are:

  • Relief from muscle tension, tightness or pain
  • You would like to have a space where you can be taken care of where you can relax and connect to your body
  • You are on a journey of recovery and/or healing
  • Relief from symptoms of anxiety, stress or depression

About Me:

I am a holistic health practitioner with 10 years of experience working in the areas of physical and mental well being.

The basis of my work is to help others re-connect with themselves and their wisdom. With so much stress and pressure in a society that values constant doing and striving, it brings me so much joy to help others find empowerment and peace by learning to reconnect with themselves and their bodies.

I have spent time in my career working as a personal trainer and health coach, empowering others to develop a healthy relationship to food and their bodies, a massage therapist, sharing the medicine of slowness and rest, and as a clinical hypnotist, helping others find new perspectives.

I enjoys spending time being physically active, being in contemplative solitude, exploring in nature, learning about health, wellness, and human behavior, spending time with a close friend, animals or my wonderful husband.

With a naturally curious mind, I am a committed student to life, always exploring new tools and learning more about the human body and behaviour. Through my own personal experiences, I continue to grow and am always learning more to evolve my practice and what I bring to sessions with others.

Credentials & Education:

-Certificate in Internal Family Systems for the Treatment of Addictions (2022)

-ICBCH Certified Hypnotist (2021)

-Certificate for assessment in Clinical Hypnosis (2021)

-Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach Diploma (2018)

-NHPC Registered Massage Therapist (2015)

-Myofascial Cupping Certificate (2017)

-Canfit Pro Personal Training Certificate (2014)