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Uncontrollable Nerve Pain

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Frequency Specific Micro-current (FSM)

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A Balanced Approach is the first clinic in Saskatchewan to offer FSM to the general public.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an exciting new way of treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current.

This treatment is useful for anyone in pain. It works by increasing the production of energy in the tissues so that the area of inflammation or deficiency can be normalized. These micro-currents are safe and do not shock or exceed those normally found in the body. It may be used as the primary therapy, as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment, or as a diagnostic tool.

FSM is clinically proven to bring relief in cases of fibromyalgia, as well as for other painful conditions, such as muscular and nerve related problems and injuries.

The FSM machine gives the ideal 'biological resonance' frequency that co-ordinates physiological activity in every cell, tissue and organ in the body. During illness, this frequency can be negatively affected leading to pain and ill health if left untreated. Pain is our way of knowing that our body is not fully functioning. Using FSM we are able to restore full activity at the cellular level.

The therapist uses known and clinically tested frequencies sending microcurrents through the body and relaxing the tissues. When the right frequency has been found, the current causes the tissue to warm up until the correct biological resonance has been restored - this returns the body to its previous state, reducing pain and treating injury in the most effective way ever seen in physical medicine.

FSM works because it uses both frequencies and microcurrents. The effect of the frequencies is to resonate within the tissues and neutralise conditions. The effect of the microcurrent is to increase ATP (the energy currency of the body) and restore membrane vitality and protein synthesis.

This causes an increase in cell transport and the cell is then able to function normally to remove toxins and waste products, resulting in a healthy, pain free, fully functioning body.

FSM can restore function of any tissue, which means it can be used for any injury. It is clinically proven to have positive responses, especially in those who suffer from NERVE or MUSCLE PAIN.  FSM reduces inflammation markers - cytokines, interleukin and Substance P, increasing β endorphins, there by reducing pain.

Therefore, it is beneficial to those with:

Please note that FSM use is contraindicated in pregnant women or in those with pacemakers.



1)  We have completed several marathons and experienced many levels of muscle cramping, soreness, stiffness and joint tenderness which can sometimes last for days. Sleeping following a marathon can also be difficult; restless with tenderness in the legs and hips is common. Stretching, icing and resting is helpful but has never had the same results as Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  Approximately 3 hours after a marathon we used the FSM system with the frequency set at post exercise.  Following the treatment we both experienced  similar results. We immediately noticed that the soreness and stiffness in our legs, hips and back was very much improved and the post race nausea completely gone.  That night we had no problems sleeping, our joints were not tender and our legs felt relaxed and rested.  The next day we both felt great with no post marathon aches or pains.  L & G Fox


2)  A long time client of A Balanced Approach

Hi Pricilles,
I really enjoyed the treatment you provided! And honestly have no negative feedback for you. Combining massage, FSM and body talk together helped alleviated all the symptoms I presented to you for about 4 days. After 4 days many symptom's that came back were much more mild in presentation then before my treatment. My lower back pain is completely gone and moving around or sitting is going good. I'm able to think more clearly and have a more calm approach to my daily tasks.
I have to admit I don't quit understand how your treatments work but they work! I appreciate the time you take to explain the process to me, what you are doing and how to connect the dots of my symptom's to my treatment I find that the explanations of why my body is feeling the way it is helps in the healing.
I would also like to thank you for your patience Pricilles, I have a fairly hectic schedule and wait until the symptoms are so bad before I seek treatment, you always have a mess of a person when I walk in, but you never complain or make me feel bad about it. I feel welcomed and cared for when I come to your place and you never make me feel like I deserve the rough shape I'm in because of my life choices or because I waited so long between our sessions.
I hope you will continue to use this practice on me in our future appointments and I will be seeing you soon.
Kind Regards
M. R.


3)  My name is Dylan, and a few years ago I injured my back and was left with chronic pain even after 6 months of physiotherapy. I've been forced to live with constant pain since, and almost nothing I tried helped the pain, including acupuncture, chiropractors, natural healers, spiritual healers etc.

I went into the FSM appointment expecting it to be as useless as everything else I had tried up to that point. During my first appointment I tried to keep an open mind. About half way through, I noticed the pain was less. Not drastic, but it was still lower than what it was when the treatment began.
As the treatment continued my pain slowly decreased step by step. It was never a huge change, but the pain was getting better. By the end of the first treatment, my pain had gone from a 9 down to a 5, and it stayed down for a few days. After my next appointment, my pain was down to a 3. A few days later the pain spiked slightly, back to a 6, but it never got higher than that which was a pleasant surprise.

After my 3rd appointment, the pain was down to a 2. And thus far it's been holding  steady. I'm very impressed by how effective FSM has been. I never would have guessed that such a light treatment would be able to help manage my pain this well. I would easily recommend this to anybody who is suffering from severe pain that doesn't change with other treatments. Very impressed.

-Dylan M.

4) Hi Pricilles, my feet are doing great so far!   I'm keeping  up with taking my Gabapentin pills till I see my doctor who prescribed them.  So yes, the FMS treatments worked amazingly.  After 4 months of suffering dibilitating discomfort with Peripheral Neuropathy in both feet which kept me awake all night and negatively affected my ability to perform my work.  This condition was result of receiving treatments for a back injury incurred in a rear end motor vehicle accident.  After taking pills for nearly 4 months with no relief, two FMS treatments have taken away the constant pins & needles sensation as  well as the burning feeling.  Thank you so much!

~ Bill T.


5) I have osteoarthritis in my knees and, for several years, it has caused extreme pain.  It was difficult to maneuver stairs, painful to walk, impossible to lay on my back with my legs in a horizontal position, and the pain would awaken me several times during the night.  I am not prepared to consider knee replacement surgery; and have tried pain medications which really didn’t help the pain at all.


After one FSM treatment with Pricilles I noticed significant relief; and after three sessions I could go down a flight of stairs with ease.  I still feel my knees when I walk, but I no longer suffer the severe pain; and I can now comfortably sit, stretch my legs and sleep all night.


Pricilles is an amazing therapist, and she certainly can find the problem areas!  I do feel “drained” following a treatment, but that is a small price to pay in the scheme of things.  My only regret is that I didn’t attend A Balanced Approach Therapy Centre sooner.


Donna S.


Combination Initial Massage Treatment (allow up to 90 min) > Initial Treatment, after a detailed history is taken, we will start with a program and adjust it to suit your tissue  *** Please note depending on the FSM protocol it may be anywhere from 27 to 83 minutes on the FSM machine).  A Massage,  A CranioSacral and BodyTalk component maybe added if time allows.   $108

Combination Followup Massage (allow up to 75) This is a repeat of the protocols that worked the first time you came in and it will mostly consist of being hooked up to the machine and being monitored.  Some Massage, CranioSacral and Bodytalk maybe added to this treatment if time allows.  Allow up to 90 min for this session.  $98

******  You must drink at least 2 litres of water prior to coming to your FSM treatment. 

Hydration is key in order for the frequency to work.  ********* 

You should receive an email within 24 hours confirming your appointment,
If you do not receive a confirmation email stating that your appointment has been accepted , please call the office prior to coming  Ph: 757-3200.

Cancellation Policy:

When making an appointment, a Gift Card or credit card (Master Card or Visa) will be required to secure the booking for the following reasons:

Failure to Show: 100% of service(s) will be applied.

Cancellation: 24 hours notice is required...less than 24 hours will result in a 50% charge for any service(s) reserved. This applies to bookings made inside of 24 hours.


If you are interested in booking a FSM treatment and or a Combination treatment, please leave a brief outline in the note section of your booking explaining the reason for your appointment,  so that I can properly prepare for the treatment and equally important is to remember to drink a lot of water prior to the appointment. 

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