A Balanced Approach




The benefits of this type of treatment are: Muskuloskeletal pain including back, neck and joint pain, muscular stiffness/tension, headaches/migraines, sciatica pain, insomnia, stress/anxiety, digestive disorders, PMS etc
What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a Japanese non-invasive physical form of body work that's aim is to bring the body back into its natural balanced state in which it has the ability to heal itself. Shiatsu is sometimes refereed to as "Acupuncture without the needles" as it works with meridians and the acupuncture points. The Shiatsu therapist uses various ways to apply pressure on to the body using thumbs, palms, fingers, knuckles, elbows, and feet. Shiatsu aims to restore any imbalances, and invigorate the flow of Qi throughout the body.

Want to see what it looks like? Click this link to see a short video:  www.dropbox.com/s/ywcozbpxhxqyq6g/VID_41411210_224305_519.mp4?dl=0

Why Shiatsu?

It is a Japanese based bodywork that incorporates acupressure, stretches, western massage; while using the bodies Meridian channels to stimulate Qi to bring the body back into a balanced state to promote healing.



Moxa is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that involves burning a small amount of mug-wort on an acupuncture point to help facilitate healing. A small amount of shinko cream is placed on an acupuncture point which prevents the skin from burning. The moxa (mug wort) is then placed on top of the shinko cream in which it is then burned using a small incense stick. No scarring or burning is involved in this direct-indirect moxa. We currently offer Moxabustion in combination with a 90 Minute Shiatsu Massage.